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Mark the category for which is enabled to drive with your national driver's license.

A. Motorcycle
B. Passenger Car
C. Vehicle over 7700 lbs (4,266 kg)
D. Vehicle over 8 seats
E. Vehicle B, C or D with other than a light trailer

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I acknowledge that I may not drive anywhere without a valid driver's license and that the International Driver's Permit ('IDP') of USAID SYSTEMS,INC. is a non-governmental document and does not substitute any state-issued driver's license or photo ID. This supplementary document simply acts as a translation and digital storage of my valid national driver's license and is not useful without a valid driving permit.

The IDP can not be used to verify my identity. The IDP does not give permission to drive legally in the USA or any other country.

This translation is not to be confused with the International Driving Permit of AAA or other domestic / international automobile associations authorized to issue the IDP. I hereby certify that my driver's license is currently valid and is not suspended or revoked.

I accept these conditions
I agree to receive information of USAID SYSTEMS, INC. by email.

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Dear Valuable Customer:

Please make sure that all given information is with accordance to the necessary requirements. There is NO REFUND for application that was send with the wrong information or expired / non valid original driver's license.

Our translation has no official status and does not confer any legal privileges or rights on consumers. This is not an official document.

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Application for the IDP


IDP. Your current valid domestic or national driving License, plus the additional application form information provides us the necessary information to translate your driver's license used in the IDP booklet.